12 Chic Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

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1. Black Pencil Skirt and White Top

Photo via louiseroe.com

2. Knit Pencil Skirt and White Fit Cropped Top

Photo via memorandum.com

3. Gingham Pencil Skirt and Yellow Top

Photo via @halliedaily

4. Soft Pink Pencil Skirt and Lace White Top

Photo via @thenuriarose

5. White Pink Pencil Skirt and Cashmere Sweater

Photo via 9to5chic.com

6. Black Pencil Skirt and Cropped Top

Photo via kenzas.se

7. Yellow Pencil Skirt

Photo via pinterest

8. Office Pencil Skirt and Houndstooth Top

Photo via sydnestyle.com

9. Sequin Pencil Skirt and White Shirt

Photo via brunettebraid.com

10. Black Pencil Skirt and Orange Top

Photo via @warindaimie

11. Pink Pencil Skirt and and White Top

Photo via @halouwmakeup

12. Floral Pencil Skirt and Shirt

Photo via @gottabejellyPencil Skirt

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